On Thursday, April 12, 2018 First Lady Susanne Shore and Jerry Milner, who as Commissioner of the Administration for Children, Youth and Families serves as the administration’s top official overseeing child welfare funding and policy, will be in attendance at the Dakota County Connections meeting. They will be joined by State Senator Joni Albrecht, Mayor Rod Koch, and other dignitaries.

Together they will champion Bring Up Nebraska, a statewide prevention initiative, and recognize the prevention efforts and successes taking place in Dakota County. Commissioner Milner believes that Nebraska, and Dakota County in particular, are models in community-based prevention work. He looks forward to sharing what he experiences during his visit with other states and communities.

Over 50 business and community leaders will be in attendance to see first-hand the groundbreaking work that is being done at a local level in regards to prevention, as well as to learn more about the roles organizations and individuals in our community can play in order to prevent problems from becoming crises for children and families.

WHO: First Lady Susanne Shore, Commissioner Jerry Milner, Dakota County Connections, and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

WHAT: Bring Up Nebraska

WHEN: Thursday, April 12, 2018 9:00am central

WHERE: Cardinal Conference Center, 4401 Dakota Ave., S. Sioux City

About Dakota County Connections

Dakota County Connections is a community collaborative comprised of local partners who believe that strong community partnerships are the key to safe, healthy, and successful lives for all people in Dakota County. It’s for that reason Dakota County Connections is committed to raising awareness, improving access to resources and building relationships.

About Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and Bring Up Nebraska

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation supports children, young adults, and families at risk with the overall goal of giving our state’s most vulnerable kids what they need to reach their full potential. In partnership with community collaboratives and state and national partners, we are proud to be leading Bring Up Nebraska, a statewide prevention initiative designed to give local community partnerships the ability to develop long-term plans using the latest data to prevent life’s challenges from becoming a crisis for Nebraska families and children.

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